Sunday, November 11, 2012

Notes to My Daughters

 "What I want my daughters to know - about me..."

Since my husband gave me an Ipad as a present around May, I'm hooked on Instagram, taking pictures of funny moments, cozy interiors, still lives etc. I liked the idea of creating a setting for certain moods. My husband and I were sitting one night at the table after dinner and I was sipping whatever left of my wine with a piece of chocolate. I realized that was something I loved a lot and I did that usually after kids went to bed and they either never saw me do it or wouldn't have understood the pleasure I got from it. I decided that I will write notes to them about random things like this that I enjoy so they remember something about me when they grow up. And I decided to make it fun for me now by taking staged photographs of them and hiding them inside books in our big library, also fun for them when they grow up and find them all of a sudden in a totally random book.


  1. I would want my daughter to know that she is loved by me and her father.
    I would also want her to give God priority in her life because then she would fulfill her divine destiny.

    1. Thank you Tessa for visiting and your input.

  2. What a perfect idea! I loved every sentence you wrote especially the inner child one ;)
    I'll definitely try it ;)


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